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File On 5 – From Pole to Pole


From Pole to Pole – How is the Polish community responding to Britain’s Brexit saga?

Last broadcast: File On 5, Monday 15th April, 18.00

As the UK’s largest European minority, the Polish community have a significant stake in the future of the country. But with the nation slowly self-imploding over Brexit, many Poles in Britain are becoming increasingly worried about their safety and livelihoods. Orlando investigates how the Polish community are responding to Britain’s Brexit saga.

Meet the Poles…

Jakub Krupa

Jakub is the UK correspondent for the Polish press agency and a man who knows more than most when it comes to the Polish community in Britain.

“Now the main worry is what do we need to do to stay in the UK? And how do we get on with our lives?”

Listen to Jakub explain the main concerns of the Polish community today:

Arturo Kieruzal

Arturo is manager of Polish Radio London. He has a morning chat show with almost 200,000 listeners a day on DAB and online.

“I raise very important topics for our community and Brexit is number one…”

Listen to Arturo speak about the main themes of his show:

Get a taste for the programme by watching the TV cut: