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Extinction Rebellion protests – live blog


Extinction Rebellion: Reduce the fuel

by Jack Wang

To read the live blog in full, The Extermination Rebellion (XR) is staging a week of demonstrations to accuse the government of inaction on climate change.

What is Extinction Rebellion?

Extinction Rebellion is an organization of environmental movement.

The group has demonstrated repeatedly, calling itself an international movement of “nonviolence and disobedience.”

They used nonviolent protests to call on the government to act.

The XR, which aims to protect the environment, says the earth is facing crisis and extinction. In addition, they hope that every national government will make relevant responses and require the government to declare climate and ecological emergency.

In the UK, extinction Rebellion aims at a government that must declare a climate “emergency”. They demand the city to achieve zero emissions by 2025.

What is happened?

Live Blog

To read the live blog in full, I found out there is a massive demonstration happened on Monday 11th April. The demonstration, which took place in the street just outside imperial College.

Every member of the parade is full of enthusiasm. They have a very special and creative way to show the need to protect the earth. It also attracts a large audience.

It is just like a huge live show. They hope to attract more people to the protest by putting on a big show to get people’s attention, also get more people to support Extinction Rebellion.

Members, in a variety of costumes, is a very visible pink octopus depicting the undersea world; The doctor’s costume is doing first aid to the earth; And a British MP dressed up and holding a sign. People hope to use this way to call on the government to make changes to protect the environment.

Protester said the purpose of the march was threefold. First, he wanted the government to tell its people the truth. Second, we need the government to implement it now and not let up. Third, they need the Citizen Assembly.

Through interviews with demonstrators, they say the government is not doing enough or is not doing a good job of protecting the environment. Members want the government to reduce and end the use of large amounts of fuel.


Fossil fuels are now the main source of Britain’s energy, accounting for as much as 80%.

In April, the government published new licences for North Sea oil and gas, as well as a new inquiry into fracking.

Some protesters have tied the government’s commitment to continue drilling for North Sea oil and gas to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

This week’s part of protests has focused on Britain’s dependence on oil and gas. And protest against continued oil and gas drilling in the North Sea.

This week, some Extinction Rebellion protesters dressed up as rats and cleaners, and tried to shut Lloyd’s of London down with superglue and chains at its doors. Protesters also denounce Lloyd’s deals in insurance of fuel and gas and demand that the company stop insuring such deals.

Extermination Resistance (XR) said it was encouraging its supporters to cause disruption through civil disobedience in order to stop the Lloyd’s relevant fuel and gas deals.

Lloyds has told staff not to come to work on Tuesday, but online trading continues.

“You cannot – and we will not – shut down domestic oil and gas production,” Commerce Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng told the group via social media.