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Explainer: Why you need to put on a mask to prevent Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic, the British government has been insisting on there is no need for regular people to wear masks unless they are really ill, taking care for patients or working in health care. There even were face mask banned for “misleading” claims and officials have urged more hand-washing to delay the spread of the virus. 

The reasons given by them include: masks don’t offer significant protection from germs and the most efficient models need special fitting to work but normal people rarely wear it right. But most importantly, the shortage of face masks had put health-care workers who desperately need them into dangerous situation. 

But in the States, which do not support general wearing just two weeks ago, now has a new policy. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now advising Americans to wear cloth face coverings in setting where social distancing maybe unattainable. 

Wanna known the reasons behind? Watch this video:

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