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Experience Disney magic this Christmas

In celebration of 100 years, Disney opened a gigantic archive exhibition.

Disney 100: The Exhibition Credit: Yasmin Ahmed

Disney100: The Exhibition, which commemorates The Walt Disney Company’s official 100th anniversary, is a once-in-a-lifetime event that has arrived in London and is running through Christmas until January 2024. The giant exhibition highlights Disney’s most legendary tales and is taking place in London’s famous ExCel as part of a global celebration.

Experience nostalgic and enthralling adventures through a century of The Walt Disney Company, where you’ll come across unique interactive installations, poignant narratives, and magical behind-the-scenes work. Explore the ten opulently large themed galleries to immerse yourself in an unparalleled multimedia, visual, and interactive experience.

The best part is that when The Walt Disney Archives’ incredible vault opens, hundreds of incredible artefacts, including over 250 rarely seen pieces of art, costumes, props, and other memorabilia, will be on display.

Discover the newest properties from Disney, including MARVEL, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star Wars, along with the beloved classics, Encanto (2021) and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).

Disney 100: The Exhibition Credit: Yasmin Ahmed

Along with many opportunities for pictures with many of the fans’ favourite Disney characters.

Tag along and find out about Disney’s past. The exhibition provides immersive background information and fascinating facts about Walt Disney, the development of the Disney studio, the making of specific films, the backstories of rides and other park attractions, and more. It vividly recreates Disney’s history and you get to walk through it all!

The beautiful exhibition showcases the amazing creativity and craftsmanship that go into creating Disney films, theme parks and experiences, from the perfectly crafted props and costumes to the intricately designed concept artworks. 

You learn more about the various artistic mediums. For long-time Disney fans, an experience like this could fire up nostalgia where fans can celebrate their love of characters and stories, making it the best gift idea.

On your way out don’t forget to browse the unique Disney souvenirs, artwork, books, pins, prints and other speciality items that the exhibition gift shops offer that you won’t find anywhere else. Almost like you’re taking a piece of the magic home.

Disney 100: The Exhibition Credit: Yasmin Ahmed

On Friday, October 13, the 100 Years exhibition opened in London at the ExCeL in East London (Custom House is the nearest station). The event will continue until January 2024.

It will make the ideal Christmas treat because tickets are still available via the Disney 100 exhibition website. Secure tickets for your desired day as the captivating exhibition is selling out quickly.