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Drivers complaint: ULEZ expansion will affect us badly.

Credit: David Hawgood

Since 2019 ULEZ has been a program that is helping London in reduce Car Pollution. But how far can this program push people to change?

Car pollution has always been a big problem for prominent cities and their citizen. In 2019 the UK Government decided to start a program for the city’s centre named ULEZ. Whoever would transit for central London has to pay around £12 a day to transit. Those who do not pay the daily tax could get a fine of about £160. As reported on the government website, central London has raised £174k yearly from this tax, which is used to help London transport.

By August 2023 ULEZ Zone will be expanded in all of Greater London.

80% of the consultation is against the ULEZ Zone and members of the movement No ULEZ is ready to fight this decision because this means pushing people to buy eco-friendly new cars.

Rich Austin, Member action against ULEZ Extention, said: ” I spent eight grants a few years ago for a car under the advice of the Mayor; I bought it because Diesel Eco, and now with the new normative, that car is not longer good and I supposed to by a new one.”

Cutting half of the toxic flues will impact society, and people will feel obligated to spend money on new ecological cars, even if they cannot afford them.

Karen Graham, an Action Against ULEZ Extension member, said: ” I cannot afford a new car. I do not get the benefit, and I need help to buy a new one. My actual car is new; there is nothing wrong with it, and the stan on my mechanic is low emission; if ULEZ does not expand, I can stay with it without changing it.

Credit: David Dixon

Right now are 10K people fighting against ULEZ Expansion.

Richard Alexandrou, a Member Of Action Against ULEZ Extension, said: “I was looking for a job to keep myself busy and improve my mental health. A friend offered me a job just yesterday, but I had to refuse it because the workplace is in a ULEZ zone and will cost me £3’500.00 a year. “

The idea of clean air will reflect negatively on those who cannot change their cars to eco ones.