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Drivers are organizing a protest to ban UberPool in London

On December 4, Uber launched ridesharing service UberPool offering a 25% discount for those who are willing to share rides.

Demonstration against Uber drivers held in London in November (by @Yaseenaslam381)
Demonstration against Uber drivers held in London in November (by @Yaseenaslam381)

While some passengers welcomed the service on Twitter, the drivers complained that they would be charged higher commission – 35% instead of 25%.

On December 17, the group of drivers will come to Transport for London and ask it to ban UberPool in London.

“Tell TfL NO to UberPool”, they wrote on the forum page of Uberpeople.net. On this site the drivers discussed the commission.

Yaseen Aslam, the Uber driver who blamed Uber for higher commission on Twitter, told that the protest is launched by United Private Hire Drivers (UPHD).

They claim on their website that the association represents private hire drivers of the UK (over 90,000 people as they stated). The campaign has just been launched – the website was open December 2015. So far, UPHD has not replied to an email.

Aslam told: “Apart from the low fare it a serious safety and security concern for drivers”. According to him, many drivers were verbally or physically attacked and abused by riders in the past, and “when drivers are picking more than one passenger the risk is doubled”.

Previously, on November 12, drivers organized a demonstration outside the Uber office in London. They were not happy with commissions increase to 25% from 20%. About 300 drivers gathered that day.

Uber launched this new service despite Transport for London proposed restrictions on minicab services.

In particular, TfL suggested “controls on ridesharing in public vehicles”, and it would block UberPool in London completely.

Uber is allowing customers to share rides with strangers on UberPool in New York and Paris.

In this capital Uber also faced protests from the drivers in the past. In Paris, over 50 chauffers were demonstrating against a 20% fare reduction fro UberX and 25% cut for UberPool in October 2015. A number of drivers held demonstration in New York against a last-minute deal with Uber in July 2015.