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Don’t let TV Shows sugarcoat your dream career

If you’ve ever found yourself captivated by a late-night TV show marathon and daydreamed about becoming a top-notch lawyer, a skilled surgeon, or a recognised journalist, you’re not the only one.

Credits: Unsplash

We enjoy glimpses into thrilling careers on screen as the story unfolds. However, here’s the unexpected twist, TV shows are meant to appeal it’s audience. Actual jobs rarely sparkle as brightly as Hollywood portrays them.

While shows like Suits, Grey’s Anatomy, and Firefly Lane spark motivation to pursue meaningful careers, they tend to overlook the day-to-day challenges. The glamour and constant excitement we see are often dramatically exaggerated.

In reality, resident doctors combat fatigue by putting in over 80 plus hours a week, focusing on gaining essential skills before the heroics of saving lives.

Big-shot lawyers, in contrast, invest more time delving into case details than delivering rousing speeches in the courtroom and the long hours and constant pressure of real-world journalism is way less glamorous than its on-screen portrayal.

Still, the passion that motivates the professionals we look up to must have genuine roots.

Even amidst sensationalised fiction, TV shows manage to capture emotional moments – cracking an unsolvable case, mending previously incurable patients, and investigating real-life stories. These are glimpses of true purpose.

The reality is that the careers we’re drawn to after witnessing idealized portrayals on screens will likely involve more frustration and routine than the glamorous highlight the internet suggests.

However, that’s the groundwork required behind most “overnight” successes. If you find your passion sparked by a particular field after being moved by a show’s heartfelt portrayal, go for it!

Just make sure to educate yourself about the day-to-day realities, of people who do really work in these fields for a living.