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Did Boris Johnson force us into a second lockdown based on fake data?

Photo By: Andrew Pearsons

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is allegedly under the impression that he was fooled into enforcing a national lockdown due to ‘dodgy’ data.

According to Government scientists, Covid-19 related deaths could rise to 4,000 a week; 4 times the peak we saw in April. 

This figure is now being discredited, with conflicting data released last week, suggesting cases were dropping, and the second wave may have peaked before the second lockdown began on November 5. 

Shops and businesses forced to close during second lockdown. Photo: Amelia Hallsworth

Figures released last week show 20,572 cases recorded, down from the previous week’s number of 23,254.  A total of 156 deaths were recorded across with the UK, compared to 162 from the week prior.   

Number of Covid-19 cases in October and November 2020. Graph: Diante Elcock

A Cabinet Minister, who chose to remain anonymous, told The DailyMail

“In fact the figures seem to be suggesting things were getting better before the lockdown began – we are being shut down for a month when we did not need to be.”

The question is, have been we forced into an unnecessary lockdown, effecting the mental health and livelihood of millions? And if we have, what do the government intend to do about it?

Westminster World spoke to Londoners about second lockdown. Video: Diante Elcock & Mercy Ajisafe