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‘Decades-long fight’ against bloody Islamic regime will continue, say Iran protesters

Image credit: Nicholas Dunning

Activists gathered opposite Iran’s London embassy to call for both the resignation of the country’s president and the fall of its theocracy this afternoon.

“Today we wake with the sad news they executed Majidreza Rahnavard, just because he participated in protests in Iran”, said Parinaz Psrtow, coordinator of Leading Women. “He just wanted basic rights”.

The activist group was joined by other Iranian diaspora living in the British capital, chanting in unison for the end of the regime.

“We have a strong ambition to be the voice of the young generation and support them […] they kill and execute the young (in Iran)”, said Ms Psrtow.

While protests were sparked over the treatment of Masha Amini by the morality police, Ms Psrtow countered: “Iranians have always wanted a real republic […] since 1979. Iranians have always protested, always been in opposition to the Islamic republic”.

The protest coordinator explained: “feminist groups had three days of demonstrations after the revolution […]. When Khomeini got power he told the women to go back home, we don’t need you anymore”.

Video credit: Nicholas Dunning

“The women said we don’t want to be second-class citizens” she said, underlining an opposition that has existed throughout the life of the theocratic regime.

Ms Psrtow reiterated that the protests will continue as a boiling over of four decades of anger. She referred to instances of forced religion, saying “whether or not you pray in the Islamic way and support the Islamic republic” were questions used to decide if a political prisoner lived or died.

Image credit: Nicholas Dunning

Public outrage erupted in Iran in September after the death of 22 year old Amini at the hands of morality police. The authorities have reacted harshly, executing two protesters in the last week. Majidreza Rahnavard was hanged from a crane in public view overnight.

Activism is being led by feminist groups calling for the end of the Islamic regime and have spread all over the country and the world.

The Human Rights Activists’ News Agency (HRANA) believes at least 488 protesters have been killed so far during this episode of action.

Psrtow says Leading Women will continue to protest all over London, hoping Iranian people will “one day face equality, freedom and justice”.

Image credit: Nicholas Dunning