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Covid-19: Cyclists boom London as Christmas approaches

Photo Credit: Anjali / Riders crossing road

The number of cyclists has doubled in the past few months, according to the data provided by Strava Metro  – a fitness app that works with Transport for London.

This surge is witnessed after the initial investment of £250m by the UK government during the first wave of Coronavirus to promote recreational activities.

Weekends provide a different view on roads in central London as cyclists step out for work, exercise and group activities.

Different cycling communities work in several parts of the city including Hyde Park and schemes have surfaced as an aid to these eco-friendly riders. 

Photo credits: Anjali / Riders at Trafalgar Square

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) launched a scheme called Cycle Buddies which aims to pair seasoned rider with an inexperienced one. It plans to provide maximum support to people who volunteer to try new ways to commute. 

We conducted interviews with several riders at Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus over the weekend. Here’s what they have to say: