Saturday, March 25News For London

Coronavirus: London Transport Virus Free?

By Jade Lumley

London Buses and Underground services were both tested, and no traces of the virus were found either on surfaces, or in the air. But what impact does this have on it’s users?

Transport for London (TFL) has granted access to Imperial College London Experts on a monthly basis to ensure that public transport around the city is adequate to use on a daily basis. With these tests, they will carry-out the journey of a day-to-day passenger, taking swabs from surfaces the average user may potentially come in to contact with on their travels.

Despite this recent reassurance, there is no guarantee that transport users will be completely worry-free.

Notably, these tests are only carried out at prime locations: Waterloo Station, Euston Station and The Northern Line.

Can this ensure safe travel on all services if it is not carried out extensively?

“I don’t always feel safe”

When speaking to a daily user of TFL services, who wished to remain anonymous, they said: “I don’t always feel safe on public transport”, chalking it up to other users of the services.

“People don’t always adhere to social distancing rules and mask rules where it is possible”, distressed the user.

When asked if they had heard of the tests carried out, the user addressed this by saying: “I have, and I think it’s a good idea. But the transport system in London is so vast that it would be impossible for them to gauge the current situation.”

Swabs are only taken at three locations.

Safety First?

Not all patrons currently feel safe using transport in the city of London, but some have no choice.

“46 per cent of households do not have a car”, stated a TFL report from 2012.

That means people will not have any other transport options other than to walk, bike, or use public transport.

Despite the recent 4-week lockdown imposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a fraction of citizens are still having to travel for work.