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Christmas homesickness: Help for students left behind

With thousands of students returning home for Christmas, there are also those who have no choice but to stay back due to several reasons.

(Image Credits: Murtaza Mukadam)

Being away from home can be distressing, which is known as homesickness. Symptoms of both depression and anxiety are frequently reported by sufferers, along with withdrawal behaviour and trouble focusing on things unrelated to their homes.

Homesickness over holidays is fairly prevalent for students, especially those studying abroad, which has an impact on their mental health. Being an international student or having financial difficulties brought on by the rising cost of living are a few reasons why you might not be able to travel home for the holidays.

After speaking with university students about their experiences being away from home, various conflicting comments have been heard. “Seeing my friends and family celebrate Christmas with one another while I’m sitting here alone, it has been rather sad for me,” added a student. “Being away from home during Christmas has been really difficult for me.”

To cope with this issue, one student has added: “Go out and meet your friends, get a drink or two, and avoid worrying about home. Instead, make yourself at home here and spend Christmas the same way you would at home. Spending time with university friends rather than being alone at home is quite beneficial.

Another student mentioned: “Well, I mean I’ve been to London last year and it’s actually a little bit different this year because it’s snowing and this year. I don’t have any plan of going back home so I am feeling a bit sad. The whole of December has been a cluster, the tube strikes, post offices were shut so there might be some issues and challenges but so far it’s still been a good Christmas. One of the most crucial things for students who are lonely is going out. You may visit Christmas markets in London as well as a lot of Christmas lights, and you should definitely contact local residents to find out if they are hosting any events over the holiday season.

The most popular response, after hearing many viewpoints, is getting out there, meeting people, engaging in activities, going to Christmas markets, and making the most of your time. Homesickness is a serious problem that is rarely discussed, yet it has a significant negative psychological impact. It has always been a problem, particularly with young generation, and, according to quotations from students, “Talking to your parents about the problem can be the best solution if it grows worse.”