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13 reasons why Portugal is a better destination than the UK

13 reasons why Portugal is a better destination than the UK

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Everyone seems to be travelling to Portugal these days. Indeed, this year the country reported gleefully on another record year for overseas arrivals. Just over 12.7 million foreigners visited the country in 2017 – up 12 per cent year-on-year. Here's why it is proving so popular. Portugal has been recognized by many newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, Condé Nast Traveller, Forbes, The New York Times, El País, CNN, World Travel Awards, the Best Of Wine Tourism, Great Wine Capitals, Catavinum and many more. These awards recognize the country’s tourism excellence. 1.Lisbon’s charm Lisbon's century-old wooden trams and iron funiculars that still lurch and rumble their way through the city are unique. Wandering from Baixa district to Graça you'll see a very traditional side

Collectors’ retreat on Southbank.

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The Vintage Car boot sale on 14th and 15th March had more than 100 classic vehicles on display. By Fabeha Syed  subedited by  Qiwei Wang Mr. Thatcher, a trader had all his collectibles and paintings displayed on his van. Among the traders and proud owners of Vintage cars, many collectors were also among the crowd displaying their antiquated collection near the Southbank this weekend. These collections ranged from vintage fashion, heir looms, clothing, accessories, books and many other forms of collectibles. “There are many retro lovers who can willingly pay anything to own a piece of old world charm. It’s my job to sell the collection I’ve got over the years” said Danny on asking if he feel awkward selling what many people consider treasure. His 1960s Mini Cooper had displaye