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Banksy strikes again – How street art can be educational

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World renowned, graffiti artist, Banksy has left his mark once more - this time in a refugee camp in Calais, France. The artist created a mural that showcases Apple founder, Steve Jobs as a migrant carrying the first version of the Apple computer and a small bag of possessions. This piece of art is mean to show the world the benefits of migration, a positive light shed on the current Syrian refugee crisis. Jobs is the son of a Syrian migrant and grew up in San Francisco to become one of the most influential people in technology worldwide. Banksy’s work has been known to cause debates and get people talking about particular social and political issues. He has since become a political activist and film producer, his last film about his work making it to the Sundance Film festival.

Survey: health status of women in 20s in London

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Many women aged 20-30 are said to have not taken good care of themselves. Photo Credit: Yiwen Li One third of females aged 16-24 and half of females aged 25-34 are overweight or obese in 2013, according to the latest annual report by the Department of Health. A high proportion of women in their 20s in England lead an unhealthy lifestyle, said Professor Dame Sally Davies, author of the report. Great alcohol consumptions, low level of physical activity and a poor diet are said in the report to be the three leading factors causing obesity or overweight. The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) said that the failure of adopting a healthy behaviour not only affects women’s health, but might also bring about further consequences, such as an increase in the risk of pregnancy complications.

Front National wins no region but the youth vote soars

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Front National failed to win any regions in the second round for the French elections on Sunday. Despite the defeat, it confirms its high appeal and leader Marine Le Pen attracted the youth vote. Front National (FN) - whose English translation is National Front - loses the second ballot in the regional elections. Of the thirteen regions voting, Sarkozy’s Popular Movement takes 7 regions and the Socialist Party 5. However, the vote revealed a trend on going since the European election in 2014. The FN confirmed to be the first party among the young people. Arnaud de Rigne, the coordinator of the FN's youth movement Jeunesse (FNJ), offered a deep analysis on what pushes a youngster to vote for the FN. He argued: “We lost, but right and left parties have failed. They showed all thei

Ed Sheeran quits all social media for a year, can you?

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  Ed Sheeran reveals in an Instagram post he is quitting all social media for a year and will use the time to travel and see the world. His decision attracted international attention and all multimedia platforms instantly became buzzing with it. The post came late last night and received a 503k likes and 14k shares instantly and over 42k comments since. In the post Ed Sheeran claimed that he wished to see the world "through his own eyes". The British singer who dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue his dream of being a musician attracted the attention of Elton John Jamie Foxx for the first time in 2011 with his independent project No.5 Collaborations. After signing with Asylum Records he became an international star. Judging from his quick raise to fame and...

COP21: Can China change?

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Woman wears a face mask, surrounded by pollution in Beijing, China. Credit: Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon. After the COP21 agreement, China have been told they need to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions. The Chinese climate change envoy at the summit expressed disagreement with the deal. But as China accounts for 28% of global emissions according to IPCC, huge changes are now "legally required". An Energy Policy report from 2007 states that  "In the future the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions in China is expected to increase further, due to the projected lasting economic growth and increase in energy demand and household consumption." An export-led economy such as China has held for many years increases a demand for multiple factories producing harmful pollution. A shift
French public’s ignorance of EU behind far-right party’s rise

French public’s ignorance of EU behind far-right party’s rise

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The National Front’s rise in the polls in recent years is due to the public's ignorance of the EU system, according to a French political insider and academic. This statement comes immediately after a week which saw the National Front make major strides in regional election, though the party failed to win control of any of the regions in the final round. Marine Le Pen secured a disappointing 42.8 per cent in the northern region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, with the far-right party finishing in third place in the 2nd round of voting in France. The party achieved 27 per cent, just a few percentage points below their result in the 1st round. The Union de la droite nationale, the coalition of conservative parties, emerged as the victor with 40 per cent, while the Union de la gau

Green Monday has lured over 100,000 British users by midday

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As Green Monday, an online sale, launches today, a research reveals that British people prefer to spend their money on discounted gifts and goods earlier – on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to PCA Predict, British company that monitor big data on sales in real time, over 100,000 British users has looked up Green Monday deals by midday. Previously, PCA Predict registered almost twice more users interested in Black Friday. But in comparison to Cyber Monday, Green Monday is not falling far behind.  In the previous research that PCA Predict conducted in the UK in autumn 2013-2014, Green Monday was not among the top shopping days in the UK. "Monday’s are typically the busiest for e-commerce generally, however, last year’s Green Monday looks on par with other days in Decemb

Social Media wary of NHS Tinder partnership

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The NHS’s partnership with Tinder aimed at raising awareness about organ donations has caused mixed reaction on social media. Photo Credit: Chris Messina, is a dating app generally used to find a match– users swipe on the profile of people they like the look of hoping for a reply. Over the next two weeks users swiping on some celebrities’ profiles will be reminded of the importance of becoming organ donors. The campaign is appealing to young Tinder users between 18-35, and aims to inform them about the almost 7000 patients waiting for an organ transplant. More than 6000 people have died in Britain over the past decade because of a lack of organ donors. Sally Johnson, Director of NHS Blood and Transplant said: “Educating and