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Car safety checks and tips for frosty weather

This winter just follow the tips to not struggle with car engine idling and defrosting windscreens  

The first snow on December 11 did not just bring joy to Londoners but also the worry about defrosting their car’s windscreen before their commute.

Image credits: Jinisha Bhanushali

The frosty weather adds to the morning struggles of the car owners but if the dos and don’ts are followed diligently then you can have a smooth journey to your work.

Here are some safety checks listed by Dharmick Patel, a car mechanic at Bewley Motors in Kenton.

Shot and edited by: Jinisha Bhanushali

Tip 1 – Do not put water in screen wash, the water will freeze inside the washer and mess with the engine.

Tip 2 – If there is snow on the windscreen then pour or spray warm water first and then use wipers to clean the screen.

Tip 3 – In the Coolant Tank, add 50 per cent water and 50 per cent coolant. Even when the tank is empty don’t make the mistake of adding just water to the tank. Only after adding coolant, you should add water to the tank. The levels of both the liquids should be equal.

Tip 4 – Keep checking the oil levels and if you notice the levels are not fine then take your car to the garage to make sure the oil levels are fixed for smooth engine functions.

Tip 5 – When you start your car on a cold winter morning, your battery will go flat if the radio is on. If battery has gone flat then jumpstart your car and keep the car on for some time only then your battery problem will be solved. 

Tip 6 – If there is something you don’t know about the issue your car is having, then don’t experiment instead go to a garage and get the issue fixed. Most of the cars have features signalling the issue with icons on dashboard.

Tip 7 – Use winter tyres only during the frosty season and if the tyres are overused, they can get slippery and lead to accidents.

Yousuf, who is a car dealer from Kenton with 10 years of experience shared some tips for quick fixes and what features one must look for while buying cars.

These essential tips will get you ready for a safe and smooth commute as temperatures plummet.

Many car manufacturers offer deals to their customers to get the car safety checks done at their showrooms.