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Cancellations and delays in flights across the UK due to bad weather conditions

Photo Credits: Pexels.

A total of 316 flights were cancelled across the UK due to freezing weather and overnight snow.

according to Cirium, aviation analytics company, 11% of the scheduled flights were cancelled over the weekend. 

Around 50 flights got cancelled in Heathrow Airport and 127 departures were cancelled in Gatwick Airport between Sunday midday and today. 

“The airport is open and flights are operating however snow and freezing weather is causing some delays and cancellations at the airport today.” Gatwick Airport announced on Twitter. 

Stansted had more than 40 flight cancellations and there were disruptions in London City Airport.

Yellow warnings have been placed in parts of Ireland, Scotland, Midlands and England. Disruptions are also expected to continue. 

Some flights shifted their route and returned back to their departure points in Edinburgh, Milan, and Luxembourg. Some travellers were subject to temporary landings in alternative airports and were placed in buses to arrive to their destinations or in hotels.

British Airways, the largest airline in Heathrow Airport, cancelled several flights to destinations including Zurich, Barcelona, Milan, and Edinburgh.

“Like all airlines operating to or from London, our schedule has been affected by continuing adverse winter weather conditions.” A British Airway spokesperson said.

“We’ve apologised to our customers and are doing everything we can to ensure as many are able to travel as possible. We’re refunding or rebooking anyone whose flight has been cancelled and providing refreshment vouchers and hotel accommodation where needed.” He continued.

Photo Credits: Xiaoyue Zhang. Photo was taken on 12 December, 2022.

Travellers are urged to check their travel information of their flights beforehand to avoid any inconveniences. “passengers are advised to check with their airline for current status of their flights,” Stansted stated. 

Luton Airport said that travellers might be subject to flight interruptions and should plan extra time when arriving to the airport.

Some travellers complained regarding the situation while some said that airports were not providing sufficient information and updates regarding their travel. 

“We get snow every year, why are people’s flights being cancelled.” Courtenay tweeted.

Some people are worried whether their flights will be cancelled or not. 

“I don’t want to get my flight being cancelled as I need to go to London, however, if the situation is extremely bad, then nothing can be done about it.” Says Amir, a traveller.

Travellers who are departing are covered by European air passengers’ rights rules. In case of a flight cancellation or delay, passengers should be provided with meals and accommodation in necessary situations until their flight status is solved.

If the flights are covered under UK law, either a refund or an alternative flight could be offered as a compensation for the passengers.