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Camden Art Centre: A great way to escape reality

If you are near Camden Art Centre this month, then you are lucky as you still have time to check out their newest exhibition by Tamara Henderson and Marina Xenofontos. 

Credits: Aylin Mammadova

This is a busy season for Camden Art Centre as they are planning a few pottery classes, workshops for young people and adults, and two extraordinary art exhibitions. 

Tamara Henderson’s exhibition Green in the Grooves is focused on earthworm ecology, as the artist is trying to draw attention to how often the earth beneath our feet and the life of this planet is unappreciated. 

She is taking her audiences through a creative process journey; from experiments she made in her studio and garden in Australia to a significant film commission. 

Credits: Aylin Mammadova

The exhibition comprises 12 paintings, a sound installation, ceramic, glass, and bronze sculptures. 

“Drawing attention to cyclical process in the environment, Henderson’s project reveals humanity’s intervention in global patterns of decomposition, regeneration and metamorphosis and how such human interactions can accelerate and destabilise the delicate balance required to sustain earthly life as we know it,” said the organisers. 

Conversely, Xenofontos’s art is called Public Domain, and it examines “the way ideology and cultural knowledge surface in personal histories and material forms.”

The exhibit’s title is meant to set up a tension between the images and the objects in free circulation in both natural and virtual worlds.  

There are other activities that people can book for the next two months in case they won’t be able to attend the exhibition. 

Young people and adults can now book pottery taster classes for £45 until 23 December if they want to test their skills with clay and learn the basics. 

Another fun activity that young people can do is attend transformative futures workshops. 

This free event is intended to gather young people to discuss, explore and create art together with the help of contemporary artists.