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Calls for Glastonbury ticketing change in another year of frustration

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Glastonbury 2024 tickets sold out in under an hour, as many music fans have called for a change in their ticketing system.

Many were left frustrated after almost an hour on the ticket loading page, without success, with some not even being able to get on the website.

The festival informed people that tickets had sold out by its X (formerly Twitter) page just before 10:00 AM on Sunday.

Last year around 2.5 million people applied for tickets to the Somerset festival, with only 210,000 tickets available.

Lots of potential festival goers expressed their frustration at spending almost an hour on the website to no avail.

There was further controversy this year as the ticket sale was delayed by two weeks, only an hour before the original sale time.

This was to allow people to re-register as registrations pre-2020 were being deleted.

However many people felt it was unfair to those who had ensured they were registered.

There have been suggestions that Glastonbury should move to a ballot system, like other in demand events, such as Wimbledon and Coachella festival.

But others including Hayley Green argue a ballot would increase the numbers applying and that the most dedicated fans wouldn’t get tickets, in response to those calling for a ballot.

Some have also questioned ticket provider See Tickets, including software developer Jordan Richmond.

Selling the tickets through a newer provider such as mobile-only app-based Dice has been suggested by some, as this would stop the issue of people having several tabs open and slowing down the website.

Lots of people have tried for several years in a row and still failed to get tickets, with a sense of hopelessness expressed by many fans.

Others noted how some people seem to get tickets year after year and questioned how the selection is made.

Others simply poked fun at the frustrating process.

The huge demand for tickets each year is particularly impressive given the line up is announced after the ticket sale, with this years line-up expected in early 2024.

Madonna, Coldplay and Taylor Swift are all rumoured to be playing at the Worthy Farm festival in 2024, with the event organiser Emily Eavis stating on the BBC Outspoken podcast that there could be “two female headliners’ and “a big American artist”.

There will be another chance to get tickets for the festival when the resale takes place in Spring 2024.