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Ugly dogs get left abandoned

They may be man’s best friend, but the British love of dogs has its limits as more are abandoned. Kai, a male shar-pei crossbreed, was left abandoned at Ayr railway station, Scotland, along with a suitcase. This week saw yet another repetition of the same incident when a black Staffie was found crying as he sat tied to railings at an East Sussex railway station. While only a few cases attract attention, there are many more left homeless on a daily basis. Research conducted by dog adoption site and The Co-operative Insurance, found that in 2013 over sixty-seven percent of animal rescue centres in the UK saw an increase in the number of abandoned dogs. An estimated 130,000 dogs are abandoned a year in the UK and approximately one healthy dog or puppy is put to death
Women’s football needs more coverage says Millwall midfielder

Women’s football needs more coverage says Millwall midfielder

Megan Goss, the 18-year-old midfielder for Millwall Lionesses, talks to Westminster World about about the future of women's football and her hopes for more live coverage of the sport. Reporter: Jaideep Vaidya Sub-editor: Alex Leonards Chatty, bubbly and with a distinct Essex accent, Megan Goss exudes enthusiasm about women's football. “It’s a new challenge for me,” she says of her recent move from the London Bees to Millwall Lionesses. Goss had come through the Bees’ development squad before making her first-team debut last season, going on to make 14 league and cup appearances. Impressed with her progress, Millwall offered her a pre-season trial last month, in which she impressed the coaches enough for the club to offer her a permanent deal. “I realised I played to the best

Marrakech: Cheap and Chic

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With the bank holiday imminent, don't let it sneak up on you without planning in advance. If you're aiming for a quick, cheap getaway, look no further than Marrakech. You'll be in for a Middle Eastern treat. By Hayley Daen. Sub Editor Danae Diz   Certain cities have a particular draw to artistic, creative types looking for inspiration and a place to decompress. When the beatniks sought refuge from the constraints of Western society, they fled to Tangiers, ready to live a life of anonymous indulgence amidst the heat and spice of the city. Today, it seems that Marrakech is the place to be. With flights from London Gatwick starting at just £32 one-way on EasyJet, a quick weekend visit needn't break the bank. The city is awash in a heady mix of dust and saffron. It is a ha

The West Meets the East: London Celebrates The Chinese New Year in Style

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Soho's Chinese New Year celebrations were alive and full of colour as they welcomed in 2015: 'The Year of the Sheep' Reporters: Jipsa George  @jipsarosey and Li Ying Sub-Editor: Cristiana Ferrauti Thousands of people joined the celebrations in London to welcome the start of a New Year for the Chinese community. The parade started in Trafalgar Square, where handcrafted floats led a procession to Shaftesbury Avenue, followed by dance, music and acrobatics to entertain the crowd. The event is known to be one of the biggest celebrations outside of Asia, bringing many people together despite their cultural differences. Jipsa George reports: The Year of the Sheep The Sheep - also referred to as the Ram or the Goat - is the eighth sign of the twelve year cycle of
Mod: Why Britain’s biggest youth culture will never die

Mod: Why Britain’s biggest youth culture will never die

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Mod style proves it is still going strong. From its inception in the late 50s, to a reinvention by Liam Gallagher sixty years later, today The Mod Journalist met English historian, writer and Mod Richard Weight to discuss his new book.  By Cynthia Gregoire @modjournalist. Sub editor: Kait Borsay @kaitborsay British author and historian Richard Weight hosted a panel discussion at the launch of his new book Mod: From Bebop to Britpop at Pretty Green’s Carnaby Street store in central London. People all over the world recognise Brits by the Mod look, but why is it still relevant over 60 years later? Listen here as Richard talks about what Mod style means to him. The book launch and after-party at Gibson Guitar Lounge was part of Pretty Green’s March of the Mods themed col

Festival Volunteers: Unsung Heroes Bring Colour to Chinese New Year

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Meet the backbones of Chinese New Year Celebrations, without whom the festival would not be possible. By Qiwei Wang, subeditor Tara Mearsheimer.   They come from all walks of life and they decide to celebrate the New Year Festival in a unique way— by becoming part of it. From providing information to the visitors, to supporting the operations at backstage, more than a hundred volunteers joined the big army of people celebrating the Chinese New Year. It’s not just their bright-colored uniforms that distinguish them from the crowds that gathered at Trafalgar Square. It’s also their passion to contribute and eagerness to help.     In order to make the festival go smoothly, these volunteers had to make a sacrifice. They arrived before anyone else at the
London and China celebrate more than just a cultural interest

London and China celebrate more than just a cultural interest

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London proudly hosts the biggest Chinese New Year's parade outside China. With a community of 120,000 people, the Chinese have become one of the largest minorities in the capital. Join them celebrating their culture. Reporter: Cristiana Ferrauti @Cristiana16492 Sub-editor: Jipsa George Londoners will join the Chinese community this February to celebrate Chinese New Year on a large and colourful scale. On Sunday, 22. February, dragon and lion dances, and a parade will happen in Chinatown and around Trafalgar Square from 10am on to welcome "The Year of the Goat". The feast in the British capital is known as the biggest outside Asia. Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is the most important celebration in China. Fireworks, parades and stage shows along with many other

Brixton shopkeepers fear eviction

National Rail's redevelopment of Brixton and an increase in parking rates has local shop owners fearing for the future.  By Danae Diz. Sub Editor Hayley Daen. National Rail, which is a landlord for a number of retail premises along Brixton Station Road and Atlantic road, is seeking to redevelop the area. Local shop owners who are based under the railway arches are currently faced with eviction and no place to go. The gentrification of Brixton is not the local shop owners' only problem. Parking prices in Brixton have tripled in the last three years. The cost of an hours parking has risen from one to three pounds an hour. Traders are finding that not only is it too expensive for them to park whilst they are at work but also too expensive for their clients, resulting in them shoppi
Polar Plunge leaves the Ice Bucket Challenge behind

Polar Plunge leaves the Ice Bucket Challenge behind

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Londoners plunge into icy water to raise money for Special Olympics. Indraja Gugle reports from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Sub-editor: Jipsa George    On a Saturday morning in February, as the temperature dipped below 5˚ Celsius, Londoners gathered at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to plunge in icy water for the inaugural Great Britain Polar Plunge. This feat was designed to raise money for Special Olympics. London may be used to its inhabitants jogging in the snow, but a plunge in glacial water goes to show their great support towards inclusive sports like the Special Olympics. Sarah, a participant, was raring to go with her team of eight. “It’s all right so far, although we got more scared when we looked at the pool and there was lots of ice on top. But it’s for
50 Shades of Grey audience under the microscope

50 Shades of Grey audience under the microscope

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The moviegoers at 50 Shades of Grey proved more entertaining than the film itself. During the screening on Valentine's Day, protesters outside the cinema greeted the very verbal audience coming out of the cinema with fake blood and banners. By Hayley Daen. Sub Editor Danae Diz.   Despite the protestations and unhappy rumblings of some of the moviegoers who had gone to see 50 Shades of Grey, there were others waiting just outside who felt even more strongly. Stan, a sprightly man in his early 40s, struggled to plaster every girl leaving the cinema with a flier damning the BDSM-laden film. Two of his colleagues, Charlotte and Oli stretched a banner that read ‘MR GREY IS A RAPIST,’ as they bellowed about the sick nature of BDSM and shamed all those who had seen the film. Another