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At London Literature Festival 2017

“London is a city that I find inspiring with its own rich history of storytelling,” says Tom Hanks as he confirms his presence in London Literature Festival 2017. On the first of November, the Oscar-winning actor will be discussing his book, Uncommon Type, and his love for typewriters at Royal Festival Hall. He will also mark the closing ceremony of LLF 2017 – a step towards discovering groundbreaking literature.

London Literature Festival unveiled on the 13th of October this year and has witnessed major international voices, bloggers, vloggers and inspiring artists till now.

The weekend of 28-29 October noted the Young Adult Literature Weekender, and Westminster World did make it to it. The event opened with a talk on: What is Truth, chaired by Chelsey Pippin- writer, blogger and commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK. The opening day also witnessed Hannah Witton, a sex positive vlogger and presenter, in discussion about her new book: Doing It.

Sunday morning launched with the YA Market that featured food, stationery and book stalls together in a buzzing marketplace setup.

Bringing together workshops, talks, exhibitions and performances at The Clore Ballroom of Royal Festival Hall in Southbank Centre, YALW celebrated the existence and development of Young Adult Literature.

Young Adult Literature Weekender, London Literature Festival 2017
“Young Adult Literature talks about everything and anything.”: India, Arts and Sciences student at UCL [Credit: Megha Sharma]




“Young Adult Literature talks about everything and anything. I wanted to hear from authors who write these books I love and understand the whole process behind it, and if they face any obstacles before getting them published, because it’s so new. Angie Thomas’ ‘The Hate U Give’ talks about Black Lives Matter and you would never find that in Adult literature,” says India, one of the enthusiastic young visitors at the festival.



Young Adult Literature Weekender, London Literature Weekender 2017
“I would love to work in the Young Adult field”: Alice, Masters in Publishing student [Credit: Megha Sharma]




Having just attended a talk on Gender and Identity by writers Juno Dawson and Niviaq Korneliussen, Alice, a publishing student, says:

“I am really interested in different sectors of publishing. I would love to work in the Young Adult field. It’s a bright event for that.”





Young Adult Literature Weekender, London Literature Festival 2017
“It’s an interesting world where things are categorised by age rather than genres.”: Trudy Pecker, Publishing Student
[Credit: Megha Sharma]




Trudy Pecker, another Masters in Publishing student, says:

“Young Adult Literature is an interesting world where things are categorised by age rather than genres. It’s having to do with the age of the characters and what they are going through.”






The weekend came to a close with the bustlings of young adults leaving with their signed copies and ample inspiration.

London Literature Festival – in its eleventh year this October – features 20 days of live readings, talks, debates, visual displays and performances.

Amidst everything else, this year’s festival features some of the most famous voices worldwide- including Philip Pullman, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Margaret Atwood and more.

For the first time, Southbank’s longest running festival – Poetry International – collaborated with London Literature Festival to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The grand festival had opened with PI looking back at its 50 years of history.

The Southbank Centre hosts a myriad of concerts, gigs and exhibitions all year round, and London Literature Festival is one among them. The hub for cultural fests boasts multiple venues within itself and glamourises the outdoor spaces along the riverfront to feature art and set up food stalls. It stands still in a lively neighbourhood, until next time.

[Featured Image: The Clore Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall / Megha Sharma]