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Activists Prepare For Anti-Trident Protest

Photo by bodgerbooks / CC BY
Photo by bodgerbooks / CC BY

Many campaigners are preparing a national demonstration against the British nuclear weapons system, according to the Campaign of Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

Activists will be meeting tomorrow, planning the promotion of the mass march taking place in February, as a way to bring in more people to protest against the government’s new nuclear system plans.

The government had announced plans of renewing the nuclear system, which will take place in 2016.

The national demonstration is supported by seventeen organisations including: CAAT, Compass, FOR, Friends of the Earth, Green Party, Greenpeace, IPB, Medact, MAB, MedAct, The People’s Assembly and many more.

A spokesman for Campaign Against Arm Trade (CAAD) organisation expressed his views about the Trident debate, as he said; “For far too long UK foreign policies have been based on the projections of, prior and on, military intervention. We want to see an end to that”.

He went onto emphasise how much of an “important issue” the debate is and how they are urging supporters to attend the event by advertising widely.

The total cost may rise up to £167 million, including the maintenance of the system. This is double the figures that have previously been announced.

CND campaign criticises plans for the Trident system as they state, “we don’t want Trident and we don’t want a new Trident.”

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary criticised the government in a statement, claiming that they have ‘completely lost control of the budget.’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has made his feelings quite clear as he refused to support the nuclear system. This has caused controversy within his own party, as members have defied Mr Corbyn’s call to abstain and voted for trident to be renewed. The split views have formed a pro-Corbyn within the party called ‘Momentum.’

Reports from the Financial Times reveal that Michael Dugher, a senior of member of Labour’s shadow cabinet, had attacked the party saying that their “aggression is matched only by their stupidity”.

However, the Labour leader has found support outside his party as campaigners such as CND have praised him for his stance on the controversial debate. Kate Hudson took to her blog to share her views about Mr Corbyn:

“We know Jeremy Corbyn will never support nuclear weapons and, completely consistently with this position, he will never press the nuclear button. This must be a relief to anyone who doesn’t want a prime minister willing to destroy the lot of us.”