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‘A pint of no thanks!’ Londoners have no desire to go to Qatar

Londoners have given their opinions on the upcoming knockout stage against France in the World Cup this weekend. Some expressed anticipation, whereas others expressed a lack of excitement.

Image Credit: Fatou Jobe

The World Cup began on 20 November 2022. It is the most widely viewed tournament in the world, as well as the most followed. Launched in 1930, the championship has been awarded every 4 years. So far, in this competition alone, the England team have worked tirelessly and have not been knocked out yet.

The tournament has undoubtedly brought the entire country together. Even more so, England’s 3-0 win against Senegal on Sunday was one to remember.

They face France this weekend – a match of reckoning. Westminster World interviewed the public to gather information regarding their stance on the tournament.

Will, 38, was asked whether he would attend the final if England were to qualify but said: “Absolutely not! It’s too far for me, and quite frankly I’d rather sit at the pub with my friends and have a pint.” 

Another woman, who did not wish to be named, said: “I’d obviously support England, and I’d watch it from the comfort of my own bed.”

Others were also asked about who they are in favour of winning. Out of the five individuals asked, three mentioned that they wanted England to win, whereas the other two were in support of France.

“I would definitely go to Qatar for the finals. I’ve always wanted to go there,” said one Westminster student.

England reaching the semi-finals or better yet, the finals, will be a huge success for the team. According to Top End Sports, the England national team has not won a single world cup since 1966, when it was hosted in the United Kingdom. This is of course not including the Lionesses, who recently won the European Championship earlier this year.

It is therefore comprehendible for fans across the country to express anticipation but also apprehension, as England’s chances of winning against France remain unpredictable.

One local resident, a die-hard fan of the England national team, said: “Quite frankly whether they win or lose is no different for me. The fact that they’ve made it this far is already an achievement. All we can do is remain grateful for coming this far, and, who knows, we actually might win it”

This weekend’s match will beyond doubt seal the fate of the national team. Whether France or England win is down to our three faithful lions.