Sunday, April 18News For London

Zimbabweans in London looking forward to new era with optimism

London-Zimbabweans continue to celebrate the end of Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule and usher in a new era that is supposed to bring hope, sustainability and most importantly equal opportunities for all.

Zimbabweans have never been here before as the country has been colored with corruption and injustice for the last thirty-seven years under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe.

The saying that everything that has a beginning has an end surely has been proven as Robert Mugabe jumped hours before he was pushed out- slapping in his resignation and making it clear that the decision to resign was solely his decision and not the pressure that was mounting on his head.

Adama Bawah a Zimbabwean who now works in London after leaving Harare several years ago is of the view that Mugabe was undone by greed.

“I saw the beginning of Mugabe as I was growing up and it’s said that it had to end this way,” he told Westminster World

“The sad thing is that he overstayed and sadly did not know when to say goodbye when his time was up.”

Another Zimbabwean Zuhu Ayama who also relocated to London as part of the first generation after Mugabe says she is now encouraged to return home and see her family and also look at the possibility of relocating.

“I am Zimbabwean and I have been here for the last 30 years but I must admit that I am encouraged to go back for the first time since,” she said

“We were tired of Mugabe and I am very happy that we have seen the last of him and there is hope to go back home now.”

New President Emmerson Mnangagwa is has been chosen to drive Zimbabwe to the promise land and his work with Mugabe has been criticized in the past but as things stand, change is what the people need.

Just like Mugabe did some thirty-seven years ago President Mnangagwa gives a lot of hope and positivity to a country that feels like it has a lot of catching up to do but Ali Doya from Harare and learning Political science at the University of Kent believes it will take a lot of efforts to get Zimbabwe back on track.

“Let us not pretend that just because Mugabe is gone we will be fine no it will take a lot of time and dedication to get us all rebuild our nation.”

“We need to all go back home and try to help the country and rebuild it.”

There are no guarantees at this moment that Zimbabwe will instantly change and developments will be seen everywhere in the country but the change has certainly given hope to the people and renewed energy for abetter tomorrow.