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“Would you like a coffee in a lavatory? Yes, please!”

A Victorian lavatory abandoned after the Second World War has been renovated into a café. It is  located  near Oxford Street amidst some frilly restaurants .  By Deeksha Sharma   Subeditor Mutave Mutemi 

The ‘not so grand’ entrance

In a junction of fancy restaurants, on the street down by the BBC ‘s Broadcasting House, The Attendant cafe is located.  It is called so  because the counter of the attendant has been retained from where food is served.

Having a latte in lav may sound gross, but in reality the coffee is refreshing with some freshly whipped cream, if that’s how  you like it.

After the Second World War, many public toilets were left  abandoned. But with the encouragement of officials, these were sold off to businesses and were opened up as cafes and warehouses.

Under an iron shed are the stairs that once led to the lavatory,  but now lead to the den of one of the most unusual cafés in London.

Still set in the walls with the same green Victorian tiles, a flush  that has been retained and some wall designs, this place serves  everything you need to wake you up for work and to let you  survive till high tea.


One of the best London Cappuccino




The scribbled wall by people from all over the world



The original attendant’s counter restored as the serving counter



The old fashioned clipboard menu


It is hard to believe that this café which might have once smelt not so nice, now smells of coffee, cake, fresh bagels and sandwiches.

These cakes, muffins and sandwiches are handmade, in an off-site bakery. But the freshly brewed coffee is available at all times to enjoy. There is a variety of juices available as well for those who like to stay away from caffeine.

The café is definitely crowded on Saturdays and Sunday, one might have to wait for a while to have themselves seated. The service is great. With just three people behind the counter, everyone inside is kept satisfied with a welcoming smile on their faces.

Green Victorian tiles


There’s a white wall with writings on it at the entrance of the café. Instead of the usual comment book or suggestion box you find at other restaurants. People who have visited the cafe and have enjoyed their experience scribble their comments on the wall.


Even though this is not the only such café in London, it is one of the popular ones for sure. Ranked runner up for the best coffee in London in 2013, The Attendant has all what it needs to fulfil the curiosity of a coffee lover, food lover and explorer.

The wall decorated with appreciation