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Why laughter is the healthiest medicine?

Laughter can have tremendous effects on our physical, mental and social wellbeing. It strengthens our bonds, protects our heart, and the immune system.

Nowadays, clown therapy is well-known apart from yoga laughter therapy. It is known to have many therapeutic benefits for hospitalised patients. Clown performers help in improving a patient’s mood, reduce anxiety, boost the immune system, and create a very positive and warm environment. They are known with many other names, for example, clown-doctor, therapeutic clown, medical clown, or hospital clown. 

According to studies, humour used following the death of a spouse has increased emotional strength. Those who used laughter as a way to be positive were able to separate their negative emotions which resulted in less depressive symptoms thereafter. 

Dr. Maria Fotiadou, health psychologist and a principal lecturer of Psychology course at the University of Westminster told Westminster World: “I recommend my clients to watch movies or tv shows that make them laugh. It is very important to recognize emotions whether it is positive or negative.”

“Due to covid-19, majorly people work from their home who have become frustrated and pessimistic. I encourage them to use laughter in their everyday lives to maintain a healthy environment amongst family members.”

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Video credits – Rashi Agarwal

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