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What is the Gender Pay Gap and how is COVID-19 affecting it?

With International Women’s day today and Government reporting on The Gender Pay Gap recently set back another six months, we take a closer look at the detrimental effect COVID-19 could be having on it.

The past year has hit women hard, with warnings that COVID-19 could set women’s economic progress back half a century, from international institutions including the UN and the World Economic Forum.

Charities such as The Fawcett Society believe the gender pay gap is increasing because women are more likely than men to lose work or be burdened with childcare in the crisis.

A third of working mothers reported having lost work or hours due to a lack of childcare during the pandemic. And this rose to 44% when it came to Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) mothers.

Caroline Nokes, chairwoman of the women and equalities committee told The Telegraph: “Recovery from the pandemic might well be the biggest challenge facing women since the Pankhurst’s took up the struggle to get women the vote well over 100 years ago”.