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Are weddings the new ‘fancy and expensive party’ to have?

Just last week Mariah Carey flashed her 7.5 billion engagement ring she received from her fiancée and business man James Packer. While at the same time Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is set to pay her husband three million in divorce settlements after their quick elopement after three months of dating came crashing down.

Everyone is rushing to get hitched but this begs to question are weddings just the new ‘fancy and expensive’ party to have?


Photo by Karina Girnyte

“I can’t wait to get married. Its something I wanted to do my whole life. Finding your soulmate its like a dream come true.” Says Samantha a bride to be, at the Excel Wedding Show 2016.

Experts from University of California write that there are many reasons people get married from feeling more safe in a relationship, working like a team and showing them how important they are for you. Research has shown that the greatest number of marriages in UK and Wales is from the age 25-29. And the mean age is 36 years for men and 34 years for women.

“Weddings are such a special occasion. There are the dress, food, decorations so much to take care of. Its a day you want to remember for the rest of your life.” Says Mimi mother of the bride.


Photo by Karina Girnyte

And she is right, at the Excel Wedding Show 2016 there are rows after rows of different wedding services. Venue decorations, wedding management, musicians, cakes, dresses, accessories, rings, jewellery, photographers, wine and champagne tasting, travel agents, flower arrangements…


Photo by Karina Girnyte

Surveys have shown that each year UK weddings are worth £10billion. a wedding site surveyed newly weds to find out that from engagement to the honeymoon and the wedding celebration costs around £36,000. And the biggest part of the spending falling towards the wedding guests. With findings like these it’s hard to avoid the wedding industry earnings versus the romance of the event.

As all the rules of the ‘dating-book’ are going out the window and more young adults finding themselves atheists and religion no longer playing as a strong influence as it did before. Why get married? Are weddings just the new fancy parties or do they still remain a sincere and an important statement of love?

Fifi from Fifi Cakery says, “I sing when I make a wedding cake and any other cake just doesn’t make sing. There is just something special about creating a wedding cake, it’s like a new canvas every time.” As the business owner Fifi seems genuinely inspired to create beautiful wedding cakes because weddings themselves are special. One bite of her lemon cake leaves us sure.


Photo by Karina Girnyte

One of the Wedding Show’s 2016 biggest pride is Plush Couture dresses that are out of this world. However Liz one of the sales reps tells us “Yes this year is much better, you see we don’t let anyone try on the dresses so more customers come back to the store.” This brings forward the business side of the industry. The dress prices start from £900-1500.


Photo by Karina Girnyte

Exhibit-Plush Couture Dress // Video by Karina Girnyte

The next table on the right happens to be Hair by Alex Wright table. And the hair accessories are out of this world. Gina one of the sales rep says, “Every girl deserves to look like a princess on her wedding day and a tiara helps.” She finishes with a cheeky smile and a small diamond tiara on top of her flaming red hair. “I am no longer a princess myself of course I feel now I am more like a queen” She jokes with one of her colleagues about her age and the tiara.

The idea of a fairy-tale has driven women for many years to want to get married. And rightly so Gina said that every girl deserves to feel like a princess. Because honestly speaking if you won’t feel like it at your wedding when will you? So are weddings the new fancy parties where women get to dress up as princesses?IMG_2799

Photo by Karina Girnyte

Research shows that there has been an increase in couples living together without getting married. The number of couples cohabiting has doubled from approximately 142,000 to 285,000 in the last ten years.However research shows there has been a decrease in marriage in the UK since 1970’s. Only 21.8% of 1,000 men get married every year compared to 60% in 1980’s.

Weddings are now mostly seen as a fancy party with loads of layers to make the ‘perfect’ day. And a lot of the population seem to opt out the option of having a wedding.

However change in same sex marriage laws has shifted public’s attention to marriage and beauty of a wedding. As well as celebrity wedding trends have a massive influence on the public and inspire many online to share inspirations and practical and cheaper ways to have a wedding.