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Water fountains to decrease bottle waste

Drinking water fountains are to be installed in London in a bid to reduce water-bottle waste.

This is a part of the New London Plan to develop the public realm in London.

“The provision of free drinking water fountains helps improve public health, reduces waste from single-use plastic bottles and supports the circular economy through the use of reusable water bottles,” the plan states.

One million plastic bottles of water are consumed every minute worldwide. [Photo: Rusty Clark/Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)]
A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said that this is a bid to “reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles and cups across the capital.”

One million plastic bottles of water are consumed every minute worldwide, and nearly half of them are being added up to the waste because they are not being recycled.

The draft London Environment Strategy encourages campaigns and initiatives to reduce single-use packaging and food and drink businesses to offer incentives to their customers to use their own reusable drink cups and water bottles.

The mayor is encouraging businesses in London to provide tap water for people to drink.

Water fountains and bottle-refill stations are planned to be installed in new or redeveloped public spaces, such as town centres, shopping malls, parks and squares.

Most studies show that water help in boosting metabolism and fountains in the street make it more easily accessible.

However, not all people would drink from water fountains. Only 11 per cent of the people surveyed drink tap water while 55 per cent have doubts about the cleanliness of the water even with it being filtered, according to a poll by Keep Britain Tidy.

London already gets a large proportion of its water from groundwater and surrounding rivers, which damages the health of rivers and threatens the city’s future water supply. Thus, water coming from the Thames is not that appealing for some people.


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