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Van Gaal’s ‘dive’ causes Twitter uproar

Luis van Gaal fuelled the internet fire on Sunday after falling to the ground in apparent protest of perceived play-acting on the part of Arsenal players.

Van Gaal has been under intense pressure in recent weeks (Source: Flickr / Global Panorama)
Though the Dutchman has been on the receiving end of the fans’ anger following a run of disappointing results, Manchester United’s manager displayed the lighter to side to his character during his team’s win over rivals Arsenal.

Late into the second half at Old Trafford, Van Gaal began berating the fourth official, as Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger stood nearby. As if to display his displeasure at the proceedings on the pitch, Van Gaal threw himself to the ground, stretching out his arms as if asking a question of the officials.

The response on social media was as immediate as the roar of laughter from the crowd.

Gary Lineker tweeted that Van Gaal is “wonderfully bonkers”, and the BBC’s Phil McNulty called it “sensational stuff”:

The rest of the twittersphere began to break out Vines of the incident:

The clips were swiftly followed by photoshopped images, essentially turning the incident into an internet meme:

And with the Oscars just around the corner, the internet wastes no time in taking a dig at Leonardo DiCaprio:

Subeditor: Arthur Renard