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Uproar over plans to change Britain’s traditional fish and chip cuisine


Many people in the UK are outraged by the thought of having to embrace a multicultural diet when it comes it comes to fish, as sea temperatures sees fish such as cod slowly being replaced by squid, According to Dr John Pinnegar of Cefas. 

Image taken from Pixabay
Image taken from Pixabay

In Cefas’s report, Pinnegar explained, “Our models for 2025 and beyond suggest that seawater temperature may continue to rise in the future.” He added: “we may need to replace cod and other old favorites with warm-water species such as squid, mackerel, sardine, and red mullet.”

The possible change to Britain’s traditional cuisine has led to some of the British population venting their discontent on social media.

John Bamforth, a regular fish and chip customer, said on his Facebook page: “This is a change that I don’t welcome.”

Another Facebook post said: “Squid and chips? … No thanks cod or haddock it’s my right and part of my origin.”

According to the Federation of Fish Friers, British customers usually eat 382 million servings of fish and chips a year. Their report said: “annual spending on fish and chips in the UK is in the region of £ 1.2 million. Eighty percent of people living in Britain visit a fish and chip shop at least once a year.”

Gareth Baker, former Artist Development Rep at Universal Music Group, explained on his Facebook account that the reduced supply of cod illustrates the dangers of climate change.

“I’ve got nothing against squid for a meal;I just don’t like the reason. This may seem like a minor inconvenience for the Brits, but it’s a pretty scary foreshadowing of things to come.”

Despite British citizen’s traditional fish and chip eating habits, data also shows that a majority of Brits are also moving away from the classic combo by adopting a healthier diet.

Image taken from Pixabay
Image taken from Pixabay

A PwC report shows that, over the past year, 47% of 18-34 year-old’s have changed their unhealthy eating habits towards a healthier diet.

Eleanor Scott, Director at PwC said: “food operators are now focusing more on freshness and provenance given its importance to consumers”