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UK Storms: Damage costs reduce as storms become more prevalent

The UK has suffered many storms in past years but the cost of damage has drastically reduced in the past two years thanks to technological advancement and better preparations carried out.

Storm Desmond is currently underway and disrupting most part of the UK with winds, torrential rains and flooding. Reports coming in state that schools, hospitals and travel methods have been disrupted by the storm already. BBC reports that Cumbria has made a new record on the amount of rainfall had in a day.

The Storms have become more in number in recent years, Britain has already experienced three in the past month of November alone. Logically that may mean more damage caused, but the costs of general damages has gone down significantly compared with storms in the past decade.

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As you can tell from the graph above, the UK suffered the most financially between the years of 2005 and 2010 in regards to damage costs. St Jude’s Storm that hit the country in 2013, though brutal, resulted in a much lower payout by insurance companies as compared to the payout in 2007 that amounted to more than £3 billion.

As Storm Desmond continues, residents are urged to stay safe, keep away from flood prone areas and wait out the storm. Hopefully the damage costs caused by this storm will stay true to the declining pattern so far.

Video courtesy of The Telegraph