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Uber in court to appeal loss of it’s licence

Uber’s appeal against Transport for London (TfL) decision to not renew it’s license began at Westminster Magistrates’court today, however the case will not start in full until the end of April 2018.

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The appeal is over TfL’s decision in September, to not renew Uber’s license when they declared that the popular smart-app-based cab company was not “fit and proper” over a series of issues including failures of passenger safety, use of ‘Greyball’ software and the vetting of their drivers.

Until the appeals process is completely exhausted, the company and its 40,000 drivers can continue to serve the 3.5 million users that Uber claim they serve in the capital, and the entire appeals process could take years.

One private hire driver who shares his experiences on YouTube doesn’t think the appeals process is going to be over any time soon, a private hire friend of his drove a lawyer recently who said “a decision that will go to the high court of appeal could take six years because they can not give priority because its Uber”.

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There are further hearings scheduled next week to consider issues such as whether the GMB union and the Licensed Taxi Driver’s Association (LTDA) are allowed to be involved in the proceedings as ‘interested parties’.

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