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Uber appeal faces further setback

Uber is set to remain on London’s streets as appeal is set for spring 2018

The US car-hailling company’s appeal will not be heard until as early as April next year. Leaving cars on London streets for several months or more.

image via Mark Warner

Uber’s license was revoked in September as TFL declared the company was not “fit and proper” to operate in the capital  and that its policies could “public safety and security implications” after accusations of failure to handle passenger safety.

While the company’s chief executive has apologised, Uber says it hopes to continue “constructive talks” with TfL. In hopes of winning TFL’s approval once more, while a legal appeal against the ban has allowed it to continue operating in London without a licence until its heard.


Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday that a five-day appeal is likely to be held on April 30, although it could be pushed back until June 25.

London is one of Uber’s biggest and most profitable markets, Uber states it has 3.5 million users in London, since it launched in 2012, and more than 40,000 drivers. The loss of its licence was seen as a major blow for the company as it struggles to repair its reputation

 Over 850,000 people signed a petition urging the mayor of London Sadiq Khan to overturn the ban after it was announced.

The appeal has seen interventions from the Licensed Taxi Driver Association (LDTA) and the GMB trade union further complicating process. which applied to be interested parties in the case. Next Tuesday a two day hearing will begin to determine whether the two groups can be involved.

Uber argues that the GMB and LTDA, which previously attempted to challenge Uber’s legality, shouldn’t be allowed to participate.

Uber hopes to negotiate a deal with TfL before all legal options are exhausted