Thursday, September 16News For London

Turbulences during a demonstration in front of the supreme court

Today the supreme court meets in an eleven judge panel to decide whether it is the parliament’s or the government’s right to trigger article 50. Outside the court small numbers of demonstrators have gathered from both sides of Brexit trying to prove their points to different media outlets.

Both sides were watching and listening to what the other camp was saying to the media with a few comments after being interviewed. Pro Brexit campaigners had speakers and started dancing around while the against Brexit campaign presented in Movement for Justice group stood on the other side of the court’s door with their signs. The instabilities erupted when the pro Brexit speaker was moved closer to the other camp.



The atmosphere around the court changed and it started to get more intense as the groups got closer together until a sign was dropped and two people started a fist fight that the police had to get involved to break and arrested both involved. A member from the Movement for Justice group said that the Brexit supporter kept pushing the other guy asking for a fight until it finally happened. On the other hand, a senior citizen supporting Brexit that actually owns the speaker stated “the argument should never lead to physical fighting they should talk about their points but never beat each other.” A few minutes later another fight was on the verge of starting but people around stopped it before causing any problems.

There was a small number of lawyers participating for a different reason. They went to the court to show solidarity to the supreme court judges that have been harassed by different newspapers and media outlets.

The demonstrators are still around the court and they will stay around till the hearing is done later this afternoon.

Today’s hearing may impact the tackling of article 50 which may result in further slowing down of the process.