Tuesday, January 26News For London

Thousands of pro-Palestinians marched in London to demand “equal rights”

Today thousands of people have marched through the center of London in a national rally for Palestine.

The demonstration has taken place exactly one century after the Balfour Declaration, the British pledge that supported the creation of State of Israel.

Many people have come from all over the UK to demand justice for Palestine. Among them there was also the English director Ken Loach.

The march started from Grosvenor Square, in front of the US Embassy.

Two hours after, some pro-Israeli protestors tried to counter the demonstration in Oxford Street, and they marched in front of the pro-Palestine protest until the meeting point in Parliament Square. Fortunately, there have been no clashes.

In front of the Parliament, many speakers have been expressing their views. For the past 100 years, Palestinian rights have been disregarded, they say.

Meanwhile, at Downing street, Theresa May met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. She has said that today there is a new form of anti-Semitism which criticizes the actions of the Israeli government to question the very right of Israel to exist.

To have their say, activists from the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign have sent a letter to the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. The letter has been signed by over 40 organisations and leading cultural and political figures.