Wednesday, August 4News For London


Last Thursday, the London Assembly held its fifth annual session of the Mayor’s Question Time at the City Hall. The Mayor, Sadiq Khan was questioned about the major issues concerning safety and well-being of Londoners.

The session began at 10am, under the supervision of the Assembly Chair, Jennette Arnold. The Mayor began by giving an oral update about implementing new plans and strategies for London. Later on, went on to discuss about the problems concerning the public interest.

Some of top concerns and solutions are as highlighted:

Better TFL services for Alzheimer patience 

“London is world’s first Dementia Friendly City’’ said the Mayor. He ensures to make TFL accessible to everyone. Khan stated that priority will be given to travel safety.

Khan has implemented strategies for appointing about 650 new station staff and necessary training will be provided for treating the disabled as well.

The need to end Modern Slavery

The Mayor has collaborated with the Met- Metropolitan Police to end the Modern Slavery. The Met is in charge of modern slavery and kidnap units.

“As of August 2017, there have been 59 arrests made under Modern Slavery Charge and there were 88 arrests in total in 2016” said the Mayor during the Question Time. He also stated steps undertaken to tackle ISIS crisis and to also provide an aid for victims.

London’s population growth

Khan has implemented plans for the sustenance of Londoners in the future. He predicts the increase in the growth of population by 11.2 million by 2050.

“Across the world the population of cities are rising, currently 54% of the world’s population lives in cities, by 2050 that will be 66% of the world’s population. Growth is not a bad thing, but it is important to prepare for such growth.” Said Khan during the session.

Efforts have been made to develop more green and open spaces and sustainable buildings in the future. The Mayor also encourages Londoners to walk and cycle more to reduce jams. He has also assured the development of reservoir in Leicester.

Despite the issues, there were reasonable level of debates that came up. Especially when discussing about the topic of Brexit, Building affordable Homes for Londoners and Refusing to Re-license Uber.

Member of the Assembly, Andrew Boff accused the Mayor of interfering with TFL’s decision to not re-license Uber when Sadiq himself stated earlier that it was ‘improper for politicians to interfere’.

“The press release of TLF stated that because of your request there would be a further meeting with Uber” said Andrew Boff.

“Because of approach made by the Global CEO of Uber after his apology, I have asked the TLF commissioner to make himself available to discuss the concerns” was said as a response, by the Mayor.

The next session of the Mayor’s Question Time will be held in the month of November, where he will be questioned again about progress with the current implementation made. The discussions and debates will continue throughout with an aim to make London a safe arena.