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The light goes out on Morrissey’s US Tour

Morrissey has released a furious diatribe following the cancellation of his tour in which he blasts his management, ranks his audiences and slams previous venues.

The outspoken singer blames financial constraints for the tour's failur. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The outspoken singer blames financial constraints for the tour’s failure. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to a statement released by the musician on the fansite True To You, the blame lay with his US management company.

It seems that financial issues have plagued the tour, which saw the final six shows cancelled. L.A.-based 360 Management had been in control of the tour’s finances since August. Morrissey stated that “there was apparently not even enough money to transport the touring party to the next scheduled city”. Their funds evaporated following a show in Boulder, Colorado.

His scathing explanation of the cancellations included the criticism that “360 Management faded out as quickly as they had faded in.” He went on to bemoan the band’s previous experience with industry professionals, telling readers we have been repeatedly done over in recent years by slippery industry incompetents”.

Morrissey appraised the previous shows as a “triumph” despite the adversity faced by the band at the hands of the management company. The cancellation of the final shows have left Morrissey and his bandmates in what he describes as “unrecoverable despair”.

Eschewing a more formal statement, Morrissey then proceeded to rank his favourite audiences from the tour. Writing that “This year, the mobilized strength of our ragingly loyal audiences were most appreciated, by me”, the outspoken performer gave Philadelphia the top spot, followed by Brooklyn. He thanked these venues for the “the volcanic love and joy found and shared”.

The list will be less welcome news for Tel-Aviv, which took the bottom spot. Even less successful was Jakarta and Singapore City, whose venues Morrissey dismissed as “not really venues at all … just roped-off bits of waterlogged fields”. His concession that they tried their best was another somewhat bizarre digression following his vitriolic dismissal of his management.

The tour has been far from smooth, as many December dates had already been rescheduled as a result of keyboardist Gustavo Mazur’s health problems. Following Mazur’s collapse backstage in Boulder, Colorado, the impending tour dates had to be pushed.