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The history of how people fought against viruses, explained

The pandemic of coronavirus has infected nearly 2 million people, taking approximately 120 thousand lives worldwide so far, four months after its outbreak in Wuhan, China, according to the Guardian. In certain countries, the epidemic has been under control at the cost of quarantining cities and forcing people to stay at home, while in other nations, it is continuously crashing the public health system, creating panic and resentment among people, and thus devastating the global economy.

People may have somehow felt the weakness in front of viruses: why a tiny bit of creature can be so devastating? In fact, in the long history of human beings fighting against viruses, people had been slaughtered repeatedly for thousands of years before they found effective ways to save lives and stop the spreading of viruses. However, as we thought we were about to win the battle, new viruses emerged, putting us in the same dilemma we were once in: No vaccines, and no drugs…

Watch this video to learn about the dark history of how people struggled to save lives before entering the era of modern medicines, and how we struck back after the first vaccine for smallpox was developed. Over two centuries after Doctor Edward Jenner blew the horn of a counter attack, are viruses taking revenge on us? Why the victory after the 1950s sneaked away so quickly?

And do remember, for now, stay at home and save lives, especially for vulnerable elder people.

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