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“The Great Reset” Explained

What is the “Reset” all about?

The world economy has suffered extreme blows by the pandemic, a proposed plan to reset may change everything. But is it for the best? 

“You will have nothing, and you’ll be happy.”

This quote has been thrown around as if it is at the core of the World Economic Forum’s pitch for “The Great Reset”. Is that really what is at the core of the reset? Will we hit a button that evens everyone out so we all start from zero? 

Not exactly. 

“The Great Reset” is actually reseting the way we think about things. Capitalism seems like the enemy to many, but with the proposed shift, capitalism may be able to benefit the people it has ousted in the past. 

This reset would aim to fix the many problems facing us as a society today: economic injustice, social disparity, environmental destruction and technological inequities. 

This may seem like utopian falsehood, there is no way we can shift our world from one economic standard to another. But, it may be more achievable than we think. So what exactly is the great reset, and what does it mean for you? 

We hope this explainer will help clear a few things up.