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The Decline Of Healthcare In Harrow

MP Of Harrow West Gareth Thomas (Photo Courtesy Of Wikimedia Commons)

Is Harrow reaching an all-time low with its healthcare?

Pediatrician in Harrow and surrounding areas Joyce Inoniyegha (Photo Courtesy of Google/The RCN London Board)

With surgeries, medical centres and hospitals in the area receiving numerous complaints and poor reviews, it raises the question as to how this has all came to be.

According to NHS data, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow’s main hospital was deemed as the hospital with the longest waiting times in all of the UK last year. On top of that, this North West London borough receives the lowest amount of NHS funding out of every single borough in London.

Residents are fed up, hospital staff members are overworked and government officials are calling out for help.

Join Emily Srebotnjak as she tries to uncover the main causes for the decline of healthcare in Harrow, and if there’s a plan in place to help make an improvement for the future.

Reporter: Emily Srebotnjak Producer: Emily Srebotnjak

Northwick Park Hospital (Photo courtesy of Flickr user “a view from the interior”)