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The Danish Girl to hit cinemas January 2016

‘The Danish Girl’ release date is set for 1st January 2016, in UK.


The movie which is highly anticipated is based on the novel of the same title that was originally published in 2000 by David Ebershoff. The book has now been republished and released on 3rd December with the new front cover of Eddie Ramayne and Alicia Vikander-the leading duo.

The story focuses on the life of Einar (played by Eddie Ramayne) the first transgender man to ever undergo transsexual surgery in 1931 and become Lili Elbe. His story begins when his wife Gerda Wegender (played by Alicia Vikander) asks him to step in and pretend to be a female model. However the experience proves to be too attracting and Einar decides to take things further.

Some of the people contacted by Westminster World from transgender community feel supportive of the movie and the light it sheds on transgender people’s challenges and social identity.”This has been a very exciting year for trans men & women. The movie is a great way to end the year- about our great pioneer,” said Stephanie Stevens.

However some feel that the lead role should be played by a transgender actor. “My slight reservation is that I would like to have seen a trans actress play the lead but I’m sure Eddie is fab. This is supported by Sadie Synn, she said “Not super excited about movies with trans-women not played by trans-women.”

“Boy Meets Girl UK and Brace the movie use trans actors & are perfect at showcasing the issues we face,” added Carla Lewis.“There is Riley Carter too in Eastenders who is going to have a massive impact.”

Eddie Ramayne is once more transformed into a complete ‘character’ and no longer resembles himself. From his previous role as Stephen Hawking in ‘Theory about Everything’ released in 2014, and his new role as a magizoologist in J.K.Rowling spin off from Harry Potter called ‘Fantastic Beasts’ due to be released in 2016 some would say he has more than enough experience under his hand.

This is not the first time Eddie Ramayne receives backlash over his portrayal of original characters that could be played by a less known actor who is authentic to the role.R.J. Mitte young actor with cerebral palsy from a well-known TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ previously said in an interview with BBC Newsnight that no one should be denied the chance to play a disabled character.

“The issue it comes down to,” he said, “is an accurate and honest portrayal of what that disability means to so many millions of people.”

The movie deals with a lot of transgender issues and social identity. It looks at close detail at Einar’s step by step transformation with the support of his wife Gerda. Another strong focus in the movie is the transformation of love and relationships and how they are developed.

It is expected to be a great success with a nomination for three Golden Globes. The Telegraph called it ‘a beautiful, humane and moving biopic.’

“I believe I am a woman,” said Lili. Gerda turned to the doctor and said very calmly: “I believe it too.” The unconditional love between the two characters that never dies regardless of everything is what makes this story beautiful beyond words.


The advance tickets have been released and can be purchased online.