Tuesday, March 2News For London

‘The Air We Grieve’: Extinction Rebellion block a central London road to demand Action on deadly levels of air pollution in London


(Photo by Tong Wu) Extinction Rebellion slogan like: “Air pollution kills 25 Londoners each day”.

Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked Cranbourne Street outside Leicester Square Station to demand the next government tackles “deadly levels of air pollution” in the capital.

The demonstration, called ‘The Air We Grieve’, involved 25 breeze blocks glued to the road to symbolize the number of Londoners who died each day as a result of air pollution.

‘Three Demands Bill’

Extinction Rebellion is asking all candidates to support the ‘Three Demands Bill’ and act now to protect our families, communities and the environment.

The ‘Three Demands Bill’ calls for the following:
1.Tell the truth: declare a climate and ecological emergency and communicate the urgency for change, including working with media and other institutions
2.Act now: halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025
3.Upgrade democracy: create and be led by the decisions of a citizen’s assembly on climate and ecological justice

One of the Extinction Rebellion spokesperson, Rosamund Frost, said: “The government have neglected to tackle fatal levels of air pollution. How can we put our trust in them to address the broader climate and ecological emergency?”

(Photo by Tong Wu) A group of protesters gathering together.

Some have expressed anger over the influences of the demonstration. A commuter who takes Leicester Square tube to work every day said:”I don’t think what they(Extinction Rebellion protesters) did means something to us. On the contrary, their behavior would block traffic and cause inconvenience for Londoners”.

An Extinction Rebellion protester was quick to press the original intention and how important of their demonstration. “For the past three decades, some people have expressed their opinions and positions on the internet but just have been ignored by the authorities. Because the individual does not have much rights, the impact on the media will not be too great. However, when we get together and mobilize the effectiveness of public engagement, everything will be different. We must do something”, he said.

‘Hunger Strikers’ Continue into Fourth Week

Extinction Rebellion block central London road to Demand Action on deadly air pollution as Hunger Strikers continue into fourth Week.

Three Extinction Rebellion activists continue their hunger strike for the fourth week outside political party headquarters. The activists are asking all party leaders to meet them to discuss their support for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

So far, the Conservatives have not responded at all during the first three weeks hunger strikers have been outside their headquarters in Westminster.

(Photo by Tong Wu) Police later arrived in the street.