Thursday, January 21News For London

TechCrunch announced the competitors for the Startup Battlefield in London

On December 7, TechCrunch named the startups that will compete for £30,000 at the Startup Battlefield in London.

Startup Battlefield Session (by Darya Luganskaya)

This conference is held every year in several cities across the world, and this week it is hosted in London.

Except for money, this award gives the startups a specific status. Since TechCrunch Disrupt was launched, over 500 companies has taken part in the competition, including global brands such as Yammer, and Dropbox, and they have raised more than $5.7 billion in funding collectively.

The list of companies fighting for this status includes the producer of intelligent connected car vision system Caruma Technologies, the startup making persona robots Emotech / Olly, the service that lets upload energy bills and get savings and insights EnergyElephant, the company suggesting usage of drones for marketing FairFleet.

Also on the list are Hamwells (e-shower), Jukedeck (creator of audio-video tracks), Lystable (system for managing external workforce), Mainframe (messanger for companies), MAX (package delievery),Movebubble (service for renting), Sevenhugs (sleep monitor), Veyo Care (service for home care) ,YayPay Inc (invoice collection), YOOBIC (analytics).

While the majority of this startups came from EU, there was the first company from Africa to participate in TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield in London – MAX. It is an e-commerce platform that made delivery  in Nigeria possible within three hours. The founders, the graduates of MIT Adetayo Bamiduro and Chinedu Azodoh, build the networks of motorcycles that carry packages around the country. “We grew the number of delivering by 100% over a year”, says Bamiduro.

Eric van Duin, Director of Technology at Hamwells, the company selling cycled showers, after the pitch on stage. By Darya Luganskaya

Just after the pitch on stage, the director of technology at Hamwells Eric van Duin showed their so-called e-shower to Westminster World. The standing shower operates without supplies – water is recycled and heated in circles. According to him, they save up to 80% energy by using a minimum amount of water.

The conference also welcomed a number of celebrities. On Monday, it kicks off with a chat with Taavet Hinrikus from TransferWise, a conversation between Danny Rimer and Neil Rimer of Index Ventures and later Sir Alex Ferguson, Bastian Lehmann of Postmates, Oliver Samwer of Rocket Internet joined. 

In the evening, Mike Butcher from TechCrunch interviewed the retired football player turned into tech investor Thierry Henry. Henry was interested in establishing his presence on social media, because he did not like how media covered his appearances and sometimes misquoted his statements, and found a suitable tool – a real-time video platform Grabyo. “Being able to have that direct contacts with your fans is second to none”, he said. In the end, Henry invested in Grabyo $2 million. 

While speakers perform on stage,  the other startups are gathering in another hall – Startup Alley Co-founder of Evreka, the company that lets you print anything on different types of textiles, is planning to enter the UK market in January. So far this Swedish firm has been getting clients in Northern Europe. San Francisco-based startup SeWorks is still researching the market – their software for security in mobile applications has already established the presence in South Korea and the US.