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Tech City celebrates the progress of women on International Women’s Day

The achievements of women in technology and the arts have been highlighted as part of an event celebrating International Women’s Day.  By Deeksha Sharma Sub Editor Sohini Sinha

Tech City celebrated women-hood on International Women’s Day.  The event was an a platform for women in technology and arts to exhibit their innovations.Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino,Becky Stewart and Ana Bradley started this event aside of their career in 2013.

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The event held at the Digital Catapult Centre, Euston Road, was organised by these three women, with 19 women exhibitors and attended by both women and men.

It was organised to raise money for Solace Women’s Aid, a charity that helps women affected by domestic violence. In 2013, when they started, hundreds of people signed on a wall to muster support for the initiative.

“This is the best possible platform I could have thought of to launch it in,” says Debbie, who is the founder if Libertine. She came to exhibit the web launch of the magazine which happened half an hour before the event started.

The peculiarity of the event stood out to be as it showcased women talent and how they are progressing as opposed to discussing age-old problems that they face. It was about active feminism and how women stand for other women as a support system.