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To reduce plastic waste, London’s answer is water fountains

To reduce plastic waste, London’s answer is water fountains

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London’s mayor Sadiq Khan plans to roll out a new network of water fountains and bottle-refill stations to reduce plastic waste. It is part of a wider plan to make London a more sustainable city. The fountains will be placed in busy pedestrian areas, parks and public squares across the capital. Mr. Khan is calling on citizens to reduce the use of single-use packaging, such as plastic water bottles. He also hopes to set up ways of getting businesses to make their tap water available to the general public, building on a scheme launched two years ago in Bristol. Twitter reacted positively to the news: GOOD NEWS! @SadiqKhan plans network of #London water fountains to reduce plastic waste with inspiration from @RefillBristol become a business that sponsors

Could high-tech save money on water?

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Water is expensive in the UK, and the government is crafting measures to reduce its cost. In the meantime, a startup from the Netherlands came to the UK to present potentially economic way of showering.  The UK government announced last week as a way of saving money, that British consumers may choose among different water suppliers in coming years. While the regulator, Ofwat, is due to examine Chancellor George Osboune’s idea in 2016, Westminster World took a look at an alternative way of making the energy bills shorter. “This wellness machine and uses 80% less energy”, says director of Hamwells Rob Choimpff pointing at a standing shower next to him. This shower saves water by recirculating it. Indeed, there are no pipes leading to it – the machine stands in the middle of a hall