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Women facing war in the Imperial War Museum and around the world

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As combatants, civilian supports, widows or victims of war crimes, women face war as hardly as men. The Imperial War Museum presents two photograph exhibitions paying homage to those women who experienced the war and emphasizing their role.   One exhibition shows the pictures of women that the female photographer Lee Miller took in Europe during the Second World War. The second exhibition presents eleven portraits by the photographer Nick Danziger of women facing contemporary military conflicts around the world.   Those two exhibitions show different aspects of the impacts of conflicts of women’s lives. As Lee Miller mainly shot for British Vogue, fashion takes an important place in her photographs. They show for example how British women tried to stay elegant despite t

Russia’s war on ISIS: What do we know so far?

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  Vladimir Putin Russian President. Credit: Maria Joner.  Russia declared war on the Islamic extremist group Isis in September and has since been very active in the campaign. And with President Putin recently saying he will not rule out using nuclear weapons, military actions have reached an all time high. Isis or Islamic State have become one of the largest terrorist threats to the western world in recent times. The group have attempted and in some cases been successful in carrying out terrorist attacks, with the most recent being the Paris attacks of November this year. The threat from the group has led many world leaders to take military action in Syria, resulting in a global migrant crisis. The USA, UK and Russia have all led air raids in the country and intend to take fur
Will Libya be the new frontier in the war against ISIL?

Will Libya be the new frontier in the war against ISIL?

February marks the fourth anniversary of the beginning of a bloody uprising against Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s 40-year rule. Although the UK, with US and NATO allies have spent billions of dollars helping Libyan militias overthrow, and kill Gaddafi, today the country is a failed state. Should the UK intervene to turn this around? Reporter: Hussein Abdel Fattah Sub Editor: Danae Dimitrakopoulos Diz The war that costed the UK £230-260 million back in 2011 ended with another ongoing four years of civil war, leading the oil-rich North Africa into civil war and chaos. “Concerns are growing among the international community that terror groups will take advantage of this chaos to strengthen their presence in Libya” says Jason Pack, a Libya analyst and head of