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CBI and PwC release Brexit report, divide opinion

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The In camp for the EU referendum have seized upon a new report by CBI and PwC, but pro-Brexiters have responded to it in a different light. Produced as a joint-effort by the two firms, the report hints that as many as 950,000 potential future jobs might be lost by 2020, as a consequence of a Brexit. The report also claims a Brexit could serve as a blow to economic growth over the next four years, with as much as £100bn worth of potential output being lost by 2020. The forecasts indicate growth will pick up in the ensuing years, but the report's findings are significant, as they serve as an admission that a Brexit might depress the economy somewhat. Speaking to Westminster World, David Blanchflower, an ex-member of

UK net migration dips but migration target unclear

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The Office of National Statistics claims net migration dipped slightly. The data has stimulated further debate about UK borders. The ONS published data suggesting that net migration in the UK has dipped from its all-time-high of +330,000 back in mid-2015, down to +323,000. Of the 617,000 people who entered into the UK, at least 257,000 were EU-citizens. Another 273,000 arrivals were from non-EU countries. About half of the people who entered the UK during this period came for work-related reasons, or to study, according to the figures. UKIP leader Nigel Farage seized on the information and took to Twitter. Mr Farage gave a rough estimate for the preferred level of net migration that UKIP would aim for in an inte