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#MeAt14 hashtag sweeps social media

#MeAt14 hashtag sweeps social media

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The hashtag #MeAt14 was all over social media this weekend to highlight the idea that children cannot consent to sexual activity. The social media stir was in response to a Washington Post investigation into the sexual misconduct of U.S. Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, in which it was alleged that he had initiated sexual relationships with multiple underage girls. A number of celebrities came forward to share their photos and stories in support of the social media campaign. This is me at 14. I was on the gymnastics team and sang in the choir. I was not dating a 32 year old man. Who were you at 14? Tweet a pic, tell us who you were and pic to the top of your page #MeAt14 #NoMoore — Lizz Winstead (@lizzwinstead) November 12, 2017 I was eating
UK to ban ‘unsuitable’ porn to protect children

UK to ban ‘unsuitable’ porn to protect children

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The government is attempting to pass a Digital Economy Bill that would ban certain 'non-conventional' porn websites in the UK.  The new media regulating bill is making an appearance in the House of Lords for its second hearing today. The bill is intended to shelter the children from  improper images/videos and is already becoming a controversial topic within free speech campaigners across the country. What does the bill entail for the online porn consumption by the people? Is online censorship and surveillance going to help protect children? The Digital Economy Bill acts a new law that aims to simply ban any kind of ‘non-conventional’ porn websites. This includes sexual acts of violence, face-sitting, urinating and incest related porn. The government announced that non-compliant sites
Islington Flooding: Dozens forced to evacuate after water main burst

Islington Flooding: Dozens forced to evacuate after water main burst

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About 100 people forced to leave their homes and Upper Street area of north London borough closed. Torrents of water was seen gushing down the streets of Upper Street in Islington, causing severe flooding in North London. Dozens of people were evacuated from their homes and streets after a ruptured water main hit homes and businesses in the early hours of Monday morning. Businesses in the shopping and dining district around Camden Passage were submerged in water. Around 100 people were sent to a nearby pub the Steam Passage Tavern as their homes flooded. A temporary displacement centre has opened at the STEAM PASSAGE TAVERN 44-46 UPPER STREET N1 0PN for residents affected by the flooding — Islington MPS (@MPSIslington) December 5, 2016 The wate

London is the most talk-about travel destination on Twitter

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London has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, but now it exceeds rivals such as New York and Paris on social media. The words "London" and "travel" were tweeted together more than 630,000 times in 2015, which is 200,000 more than the next most popular cities, Paris, New York, Rome and Tokyo, according to London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional company. The twitter data also shows the word "London" on its own was tweeted more than 81 million times in 2015, which is more than Sydney, Tokyo and Rome combined. Some of the top words used in association with London include, "art", "travel" and "fashion." Commenting on the data, Rod Favaron, CEO of Spredfast for London & Partners said: “Social data is always a valuab

Twitter has a new hope: “resurrected users”

Twitter is stuck: its user growth is flat for the first time ever. It is even shrinking in the US, while Facebook and Instagram are growing at rocket pace. Twitter disappointed investors and media with its financial results on Thursday. Last quarter, Twitter had 320 million monthly active users, and this quarter was very similar. However, excluding SMS fast followers, the audience actually fell quarter-on-quarter from 307 million to 305 million. Some Americans have even abandoned Twitter: its US audience fell from 66 million to 65 million. Twitter spokesperson Sam Hodges refused to break down their numbers by country. In total, the international monthly audience is flat – 254 million users in the fourth and third quarters of 2015. So where is Twitter's user base growing? Answer

Users angry about Twitter changing its design

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Twitter changed its design to show tweets in a popup window. Many users, however, did not like the new feature. The new feature is called popup tweets. Before, Twitter users clicked it would just slide out to display inline. Now it pops open an entirely separate modal to show you a single tweet. The new popup model led to confusion. Some users accidentally unfollowed people. I keep on almost accidentally unfollowing people because of Twitter's stupid popup bollocks — Mermaid Princess (@Pastel__Mermaid) February 8, 2016 Others found that posts are difficult to read now. Wow that new @twitter POP UP box sure makes threaded tweets/stories hard to read, huh. What a piece of shit. Why do you do this, Twitter? — Angie Manfredi (@misskubelik) February 7, 2016 Twi

#YouAintNoMuslimBruv… Hashtag Activism, yay or nay?

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A commuter was stabbed in the throat by a young man at Leytontone Tube Station, December 5th, Saturday night. In a video taken by a witness, one can hear a man calling out to the attacker saying "You ain't no muslim bruv... you ain't no muslim." This statement has since become a major trending topic on twitter. People from all over the world have voiced their support by using the hashtag #YouAintNoMuslimBruv as way to unite against the negativity muslims face on the daily thanks to the attacks by ISIS. Hashtags, which were initially used to spread information in a categorical manner, have now become a useful way to get your voice heard in the digital world.   Popular Social Awareness Hashtags Major social protests worldwide have occurred thanks to the p