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Apple in talks to buy London-based app Shazam

Apple in talks to buy London-based app Shazam

Apple is in talks to buy music recognition app Shazam in a deal that is likely to be announced before the end of this week. If the acquisition goes ahead, it will allow Apple to incorporate Shazam's technology into its iOS operating system. Currently Shazam has partnerships with Snapchat, Spotify as well as Apple and makes much of its revenue from commissions paid to it for referrals to Apple's iTunes Store. As Apple faces increasing competition from Amazon and Spotify, a takeover of Shazam would make business sense - thus cutting out the need to pay Shazam as an intermediary. If the deal goes through Shazam would no longer refer users to Apple Music competitor Spotify Image: Wikimedia Commons Shazam has evolved considerably since it was set up by four US expats in 1999. P
Mobile phone addiction began 25 years ago

Mobile phone addiction began 25 years ago

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The first text message that was sent actually used full words rather than text-speak. The first SMS was sent 25 years ago on the 3rd December 1992. A quarter of a century ago a British test engineer, Neil Papworth, typed the first text message which said, “Merry Christmas”. It launched into a success with smartphones that some reports suggest might even have become an addiction. The first SMS message was sent over the Vodafone GSM network in the United Kingdom using a personal computer. It originated from radio telegraphy in radio memo pagers. The initial growth was slow, with GSM customers in 1995 sending on average 0.4 messages per month. But by 2006, over 205 million messages were sent in the UK alone. Did Neil Papworth have any idea at the time that analysts expect 7.89 trillion
Apps provide solution to gender gap in the workplace

Apps provide solution to gender gap in the workplace

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We’ve all heard about the gender divide in the workplace, ‘the glass ceiling’ and the fact there are not enough women in the boardroom. But it’s time to move the conversation forward and provide solutions in a digital sphere where both men and women can participate. There are countless self-help articles and books on how to ‘disconnect from the internet’, cope with email anxiety and successfully create an online presence. Clearly there is a disjointment here, where the question is to consume, or to be eventually consumed by the digital sphere. “Data shows that digital not only changed how we shop, how we commercially engage with each other, how we interact, it’s fundamentally changing the world that we work in,” says Kathleen Mitchell, Vice President of fashion retail brand, Stel

How does the UK government support start-ups?

The UK government backs many schemes that promote new start-ups. Some entrepreneurs, however, have criticised current efforts and fear the upcoming referendum on Brexit. "The start-up community started to spring up in London about five years ago," Vicky Hunter, the Head of Operations and Community at 3beards, a company which organises events for aspiring entrepreneurs, told Westminster World. “People were graduating from college, and there were literally no jobs”, she recalls while chatting at the Electric Showrooms pub in Shoreditch, the area in London highly populated by start-ups. The pub is overcrowded; there is a regular gathering for start-up enthusiasts. Several years after the recession, in October 2015, London topped the list of the most entrepreneur-friendly cities in

Amazon pulled some hoverboards in the UK and the US

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Anyone looking for self-balancing scooters known as “hoverboards” for Christmas on Amazon from America or Britain, may have a very limited selection. Amazon has suspended many sales of hoverboards over safety fears, the gadget site BestReviews first reported. The company has asked all hoverboard manufacturers to provide documentation showing that they are following necessary safety standards. Swagway, one of the well-known importers of hoverboards, told The Verge that Amazon asked manufactureres  to show "documentation demonstrating that all hoverboards you list are compliant with applicable safety standards, including UN 38.3 (battery), UL 1642 (battery), and UL 60950-1 (charger)". This company has also said Swagway already meets this requirements, and its products are still avail

Tech City celebrates the progress of women on International Women’s Day

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The achievements of women in technology and the arts have been highlighted as part of an event celebrating International Women's Day.  By Deeksha Sharma Sub Editor Sohini Sinha Tech City celebrated women-hood on International Women's Day.  The event was an a platform for women in technology and arts to exhibit their innovations.Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino,Becky Stewart and Ana Bradley started this event aside of their career in 2013. The event held at the Digital Catapult Centre, Euston Road, was organised by these three women, with 19 women exhibitors and attended by both women and men. It was organised to raise money for Solace Women's Aid, a charity that helps women affected by domestic violence. In 2013, when they started, hundreds of people signed on a wall to muster suppor
Cyclists’ safety first: intelligent bike helmets warn of accidents

Cyclists’ safety first: intelligent bike helmets warn of accidents

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Twelve cyclists crash with motor vehicles in London each day, a new study reveals. Can smart bike helmets as developed by Volvo help to keep cyclists safe?  Reporter: Danae Diz Sub-editor: Hussein Abdel Fattah   A new helmet for cyclists, revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, is designed to make cycling a much more safer experience. The helmet spots imminent crashes through a sensor, which informs the cyclist when they are in the blind spot of a car, prompting them to move aside to avoid a collision. 50% of the cyclist deaths in London happen because of car driver's blind spots, a new major study by insurer Aviva has revealed. The prototype was designed and developed by car maker Volvo and works with a popular fitness monitoring app tha