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Can technology improve national health?

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Last autumn, the National Health Service told UK doctors that they must harness technology. So far, the government has achieved the following: GP practices are offering online booking and other digital health resources. These digital start-ups could improve further. At TechCrunch Disrupt in East London, a number of businesses showed new developments that could soon assist solving health issues in the UK. The UK has already created a database of healthcare records in April 2015. Anyone registered with NHS may track his or her medical records online. Any patient may see information about ongoing treatments and treatment received, information about allergies, any reactions to medications in the past and much more. But each doctor would have to dig into the records to extract the

Could high-tech save money on water?

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Water is expensive in the UK, and the government is crafting measures to reduce its cost. In the meantime, a startup from the Netherlands came to the UK to present potentially economic way of showering.  The UK government announced last week as a way of saving money, that British consumers may choose among different water suppliers in coming years. While the regulator, Ofwat, is due to examine Chancellor George Osboune’s idea in 2016, Westminster World took a look at an alternative way of making the energy bills shorter. “This wellness machine and uses 80% less energy”, says director of Hamwells Rob Choimpff pointing at a standing shower next to him. This shower saves water by recirculating it. Indeed, there are no pipes leading to it – the machine stands in the middle of a hall

TechCrunch announced the competitors for the Startup Battlefield in London

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On December 7, TechCrunch named the startups that will compete for £30,000 at the Startup Battlefield in London. This conference is held every year in several cities across the world, and this week it is hosted in London. Except for money, this award gives the startups a specific status. Since TechCrunch Disrupt was launched, over 500 companies has taken part in the competition, including global brands such as Yammer, and Dropbox, and they have raised more than $5.7 billion in funding collectively. The list of companies fighting for this status includes the producer of intelligent connected car vision system Caruma Technologies, the startup making persona robots Emotech / Olly, the service that lets upload energy bills and get savings and insights EnergyElephant, the